Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the present and the future of effective, convenient and economical product branding and business promotions. Expert implementation of SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM and Content Writing are our forte.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click or PPC advertising is an internet adverting form used to bring more traffic to the websites for which the advertisers pays per click to the search engines. Google AdSense which is an online advertising service helps advertisers to participate in displaying short advertisements to the web users. In the case when a keyword query is raised while searching for some products or services, the content site will display the matching content if available. This way we are attracting the potential customers which could turn into a potential business. We provide PPC advertising at Kochi, Kerala, India.

Google Ads platforms we used

An elaborate marketing method using the internet and google ads platform which render in the growth of your business. The scenario of paying for each click for the ads thereby attracting the visitors to your site this method is termed as google ppc.

Search Ads

A google Ads giving company established in creating the best keywords which matches the ads giving more relevance and customer focus thereby improving the business scope.

Display ads

An advanced google ppc method which involves graphical strategies and cost per click basis. It is a visual representation to target the right customers available at various shapes and sizes.

App ads

A PPC company,Kerala which specialises at app ads where a customer could be accurately focused. This advertisement runs on a specific mobile app giving a more clear idea about client needs.

Video ads

Another form of google PPC advertisement is through video content,creating the most suitable video ads which are mainly concentrated on giving the right message to the audience.

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Other ppc Platforms

We, the prominent PPC agency,cochin utilises other platforms such as Bing and Yahoo to get multiple platform exposure. The method of advertisement mainly aims at a target audience and also includes Google AdWords directly. The most engaging and user focussed technique of an advertisement promoting your business.

Remarketing Strategy

The best scenario of marketing is remarketing or retargeting which is mainly targeting consistent customers with the best Google ads agency, cochin ensuring higher ROI. We take the history and help to give the attention for your product with the best remarketing strategy using an optimised planning. A huge amount of publicity and profitability is gained with the most imperative remarketing strategy. Google ads method helps in knowing and attracting the potential customers by knowing the behaviour of the visitor to a website. A clear and optimised objective set a long team goal to ensure accurate marketing scope to the target audience.

YDESIGN expertize in Google Ads

YDesign is a 5 year old company which earned user interest with the best service by providing the most attractive Google Ads. The company with over 12 years of expertise in ad making is an established and engaging PPC agency in Kerala with small,medium and large scale works given equal importance. The success of the company is through the combined effort of the most experience and well versed staff who are the backbone for the growth and establishment. We are the certified Google ads company with customers being focused properly thereby helping in business growth by giving core importance through best marketing criteria.

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